Amps are very simple devices. Sure there are some with a lot of whiz-bang adjustments and such but for the average day to day needs, this amp is amazing. The 4 channels are discreet and the audio quality is very nice. Installation was a breeze as this amp came with the mounting hardware to install into the auto.I like that this amp has the high/low crossover built in. I installed with the low RCA connectors and it sounds great! I chose to use this amp to boost the 2 rear speakers and a dual sub cabinet in the trunk. This amp was made for this because the channels were discreet enough that I could set the two speaker channels with norm/high frequencies and the other two were switched to low frequencies. (IE: Just for powering a sub) … I did not know this amp had that feature. It even has additional gain settings which was perfect for the subwoofer side. I CRANKED the gain on that side and the bass comes in real clean. Controlling the trim of the bass from the deck is the way to go. Now my audio sounds real nice. For the price, you can’t go wrong.The fit and finish of this amp is real high quality, too. It’s all metal and it has all of the connections needed to provide easy installation. This was a no brainer for installation and connections. It looks really good in my car.I have no complaints about this unit at all. It did exactly what I wanted it to do…boost my sound! The rest is handled from the deck so there was no tweaking/tuning needed.Don’t forget your amp wire kit! This comes with no wires!