I bought this single voice coil 10 inch woofer for 15.99 with prime, and I only got it cause a buddy of mine wanted a car audio system on a budget…….$100 bucks, so I found an amp, wire kit and had just enough left to get this with his budget. We hooked this thing up in a Ford Escort Sport with a Boss amp and I am blown away by this thing. It doesn’t make it hard to breath or anything but it gives off a very nice bass tone and is clean sounding. When we hooked it up, my friend looked at me and said "I think it is too much" I laughed and told him to just turn the external bass knob down…………..I bet in 2 weeks, after he gets used to his new bass, he’s going to be asking to hook anther one up and for 16 bucks I say we hooked up 3 more!!!