My car audio was very thin on bass, with only the four factory 6.5″ speakers in place. They sounded clean but lacking in the low end. I decided to try the Sound Storm LoPro10 10″ amplified subwoofer after reading the good reviews from buyers.Frankly, my home theater Sub has a 7-1/2 cubic ft enclosure, and I realize deep smooth bass almost always means “large.” I half expected a kind of boomy, single frequency bass from the 10″ where the low end was always the same frequency, like many car subs I hear.Well, this sub about blew me away! Talk about clean, smooth bass! I can follow the bass line in the music up and down the scale, with no missing notes, just like a real subwoofer! The designers went out of their way to get great performance out of such a relatively small enclosure. By controlling the speaker parameters and combining equalization with enough power, it really does sound much bigger and more expensive than it is.It is well made, solid and heavy, with a look & feel of quality. I used #10 power cables, and used Velcro hooks to stick it to the carpet under my driver’s seat. It connects to my radio via the preamp outputs. I’ve used it about 6 weeks now and I am very happy with it.