I didnt know what to expect when getting an amp that wasnt very expensive. I have been using it to push an Eminence HL-10 and it did fine. I can say I do not like their EQ and bass boost. In my perfect world, I would have a straight line and not screw with their sound modifications… or at least be able to completely bypass that section. I already control the frequencies that I run into the amp so there is not need to use any on-board crossovers… (You can run it without the crossover, it is the sub bass Frequency I am talking about… ) I hope I am getting my point across.. .it surely is not unique to this amp… just me venting some…PROS: The amp is better now then it was when I first got it. Dont know if I just found a more acceptable way to configure it .. or maybe amps break in also? I didnt think they did… but I can say now, it is a rockin amp. I am now running the Eminence 10″ and a 12″ Kicker Solo-Barric. There is absolutely no information I can find stating it should not be ran at 1ohm… and it is doing a fine job doing so.. That makes it 5 stars in my book.