This device seems to work OK for my purpose. I purchased it in hopes that I could use it to eliminate some video signal reflection issues that I was seeing due to having the A/V inputs of two TVs fed from a single DVR A/V output. I used the device to "split" the video signal onto the two output cables. It seemed to help to a degree, but I am surprised and disappointed that it did not *completely* eliminate the video aberrations that occur when feeding cables to both TVs together. Apparently, there is still some "coupling" occurring back through the amplifiers. (By the way, the amp’s 12vdc power is fed from a switching-type regulated AC-DC power adapter).

I was also a bit puzzled that the gain adjustments had little effect on the video signals – especially considering that this amp’s instructions advised how to set the optimum gain on each amplifier based on the observed effects that the setting would have on the video images. I can only surmise that the TVs may have AGC on their inputs, which obviates the need for/effect of external amplification.