The functioning of this product as a headrest with a built in dvd player is excellent. In full disclosure unlike the spec info stated on amazon – this unit does not power up via your cigarette lighter (well not without an adapter of some sort anyway). The 12v hot wire is naked on the end and so is the ground. IT took me sometime to get around to this review as I was not planning on having to have it professionally installed in order to review it or knew of a need to do some wiring research on my car, etc.

In the manual – it does have a basic guide to show that you need to plug the red into the ignition 12v power source and the black into ground on your car. However, that is all it mentions. I understand that it couldn’t go into much more detail as cars all have different wiring and wiring harnesses, etc. Of course, I am not complaining that it does not give me my cars wiring detail – I am giving NOTICE that the specs on the item info do not mention that you need to hard wire this into your car’s electrical system, period. Many would assume that it will plug into your cigarette lighter for power. That is why I am mentioning this little important tidbit.

Now onto the item install itself:
-It has adjustable post widths which enables it to fit various vehicles
-It comes with 3 color covers in order to best match your vehicle (black, tan/beige and gray) – However, I can find no instructions in the manual on how to change them out?
-The power wire runs thru the metal post – so that will need to be installed into the headrest hole and then ran down thru the hole to it’s opening and then out to the DVD’s power harness

DVD Headrest quick mentions:
-power switch on device pressed quickly will toggle between the inputs (dvd, hdmi, etc….