I purchased from Amazon, it was cheap, shipped for free and was exactly what was described. The main wires of this 8 gauge (power/ground)were a little bit undersized. The insulation is thick and adds to the diameter of the wire. But dont use this for amplifiers pushing over 750 RMS. I used the power wires for my Speakers, which makes everyone say “wow that is some big a** speaker wire” It works great and the RCA aloone are worth the 11 dollars. This zipties are great for small applications and helped when pinning all the wires up for the crossover and amp. Overall I give this a 5 star rating because it was a great deal, just dont expect something awesome for a cheap price. If you want competition grade wires, go to the local speaker store or dealer and pay the 5 dollars per linear foot or more for it. But if you just need some wires to power some crossovers, maybe a small amp or speakers, this is it! I also used the speaker wires as a remote wire, the remote wire that was included isnt very big and i never used it, but split the speaker wire that is included, and boom, two nice remote wires!!Conlusion:::: Power wire : Great for small Applications : Speaker wire : split into two remote wires : Remote wire : throw into fire and watch colors burn : RCA WIRES : Work good, and dont look that bad : Pack of wire connectors, zipties : good for hooking everything up, makes install neat