Usually, when you buy these types of units (over the last 5 years or so) you get really cheesy looking software with very limited capacity…BUT NOT THIS TIME 🙂 This unit looks great, functions even better, and sounds fabulous. And me….i’m usually VERY hard on these types of units. It took me 30 mins to wire it in (very simple instructions) and i had it running and playing music off of my Android (linked in via Bluetooth) and then i tried the phone and it sounded great (with the A/C on and driving, both noise-makers). The person on the other end, my sister, is usually the first person to notice a flaw in a phone call and she said nothing. I finally asked and she said there were no speaker/mic echo issues and my voice sounded clear.

I haven’t tested the camera input yet. However, if it works as well as the rest of the unit, i’ll be pleased 🙂