***Ok, it’s now a couple of months after the installation and I’m upgrading this little unit to 5 stars. It’s dialed in, set to my preferences, and now all I have to do is the occasional tweak to the remote knob on the dash depending on the track / genre that’s playing through the head unit. There’s a respectable amount of bass, it’s clean, it’s got a good punch and I’m not abusing it at all, just using it to fill in the bottom end. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat if I needed a sub for another vehicle, and I’ve recommended it to several friends / family that are upgrading their systems as well. Still haven’t covered up the blue LED, but it’s situated on the dash so when I’m driving, the steering wheel blocks that LED from my eyes… I’m ok with that.**

Had it professionally installed in a ’94 Chevy C1500 regular cab under the passenger seat, out of sight. It’s paired up to a Pioneer head unit using RCA plugs, and filling in the bottom end for the Pioneer 2 way 4×6 dash speakers and factory 4×6 pillar speakers (pillar speakers soon to be replaced).

First, I bought this on the strength of the reviews I read here on Amazon. I’m happy to say, this sub seems to live up to those reviews. It’s only been in the truck for 2 days now, so I’m still dialing it in, but it rocks. Even the installer (who had never seen the LOPRO8 before) was surprised in a very good way as to how nice it sounds and has said he’ll be recommending it to his customers looking for something to fit in a small space. No, it won’t rattle neighbor’s windows 3 doors down the street, and no, it won’t vibrate the mirrors on the car next to me at the stoplight, but I’m 53 years old and WAY past that stage. It fills my truck cab VERY nicely without overpowering the rest of the music, which is all I need or want….