I’ve had three of these slim powered subwoofers. A boss 8", a lanzar 10", and this SSL 8".
The first two had relatively short life spans and the Lanzar was just weak and plain terrible. I’m guessing this will only last a couple of years too, but! This SSL sounds absolutely amazing for its size and price. I was very surprised at how good it sounded before I even tuned it. It is accurate, tight, deep and loud. It has plenty of power to pair with amplified mids. I plan on buying a four channel amp to compliment this subwoofer. It sounds that good.
If you are looking for a low profile sub and want a healthy amount of low frequency response; this should be at the top of a very short list. This has to be one of the best around currently, regardless of price range. Unlike my previous slim subs; this one draws serious current and begs for a complimentary capacitor. I’m going to install a 2 farad cap to help the amp maintain a steady current.
*This sub is mounted under the rear seat of a 4door pickup (Dodge Dakota)