If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to entertaining your backseat passengers, this unit is just the ticket. The SSL headrest entertainment system is as close to plug-and-play as you can get. Sporting a 7-inch widescreen monitor and a built-in DVD player, the adjustable head rest is a direct replacement for the one that you will pop out your seat. Change the headrest cover to one of the three colors included (black, gray, tan) and you will have a look at the factory installation. Once installed and wired into your car or truck’s electrical system you going to be thrilled with the bright, clear video image and the surprisingly good internal sound. If the DVD doesn’t interest you, the player will give you audio output from a CD and has front panel inputs to connect your telephone HDMI or another USB device.

Once the headrest is installed, you will be more than pleased with the audio–visual capabilities of the unit. It’s getting it installed that might be a bit tricky as there are almost no installation instructions. You will need to know how to remove the back of your seat and have a plan for running the hot and ground leads. If you’re going to connect the monitor to an external playback unit, the connector bundle is also going to have to be routed. I adapted my installation to use the 12V output jack in the backseat of my truck but you will want to be cautious to make sure that whatever power source or lead that you tap into gets turned off when the ignition is off. Changing the headrest cover to a different color is also a bit tricky as it is not clear the way the manufacturer wants you to remove and replace the cover. A remote control is included to operate the device but I doubt you could hand this over to the kids….