This speaker is the Guy’s answer to a universal Sound Blaster. This system can easily be mounted on nearly any sort of motorized vehicle with tube frames (ATV, Jeep, Boat, etc. – I did not test the water resistance, but it is said to be water resistant). The sound is absolutely explosive and clear. Just make sure that you have a 12v power port to plug it in.

The huge bonus that this system offers is that, because this is a simple pass through (no special controls, levers or knobs), you can also use it as a sound system for your home theater system. I plugged this bad boy in to a 120vAC to 12vDC converter (Schumacher PC-6 120AC to 6A 12V DC Power Converter) and also to our 3.5mm headphone / external speaker jack on the back of our television and B A M ! ! ! My whole house absolutely explodes with incredible audio. Whatever you tell the television audio to do, the speaker system follows along. It’s super simple. This is truly just a plug and play device. We used to watch TV with the speakers on 30; with this monster attached we now keep the audio on 13. I cannot even imagine what this thing would do if we turned it up to 30. I did manage to play some tunes at 18, but that literally shook my brain.

This is a Guy’s ultimate audio system. You can have it to take on the adventure and when you are not adventuring, you can have it to enjoy at home too. Highly recommended.