I’d fire who ever did your install. Wires all laid everywhere, amp mounted to the sub box, probably not enough power to feed your amp efficiently without it getting hot and you’re probably running it with a sony xplode head unit. You kids need to seriously learn true stereo installs and understand what you’re buying. Its not about the brand, it’s about specs. You teenage punks always say ,"Yeah. I have a SYSTEM". No. No you don’t. You have a cheap walmart sub, in a bandpass box, with the cheapest amp possible with the most "WATTS" possible, system all blown and flopping with buttloads of distortion and you call it a system? HAHAHA!!! Leave the true competition installs to the pros kiddos. Until you’ve heard, or seen a USACI competition stereo install, you don’t know jack about stereos. This Amp is a fantastic amp. Excellent specs, THD very low, Sig to noise is high, awesome RMS at 4ohm. Anyone that KNOWS ABOUT THE SPECS will tell you this amp will be fine if installed and tuned correctly.