I put this unit in my 2007 Chevy Silverado pickup. I had it professionally installed for $300 because there were basic connections and accessories needed to get it hooked up the way I wanted. The rearview camera alone is worth the price. If installed properly it automatically comes on when you shift into reverse. It’s perfect for hooking up trailers because you can see the hitch ball and there are yellow, green and red lines to use as a guide while backing up. I have an old model Sirius radio unit and I am able to run it through this unit’s auxiliary port, so that frees up one of the outlets on the dashboard and gets rid of a bunch of extra wiring. I have an iPhone and that was super easy to pair with this unit. The call sound quality is every bit as good as it is in the Bluetooth in my new Jeep. This unit is a great way to update your older vehicle with sound and video.