I have bought a lot of very expensive amps that arent built as well as this one, specially for the price. All the connections are well laid out, all the controls are easily adjusted, the body is well built and very clean looking. The manual is very well written and easily understood with a lot more info than a lot of higher priced models. I have been running this amp bridged at 2 Ohms for a week now, it has performed flawlessly without overheating even once, I have it mounted in a pretty tight area that doesnt get much air circulation, in fact I had an MTX amp mounted in the same spot and it would constantly overheat and go into protection. As far as sound quality goes it sounds very good! No noise, very clean and solid bass, I am able to play it far louder than the MTX and Rockford Fosgate it replaced, it actually sounds like it was made to listen to not just to make speakers go boom. I listen to music not Rap and it sounds very smooth no matter what I play. Drums sound like drums, bass guitars sound like guitars not like a horrible low frequency buzz. I was so happy with the quality that I bought a SSL EV4.400 four channel amp for my mids and tweets, I also bought a SSL S4EQ to control everything. If these units last a month with the punishment I give them I will be buying more SSL products. It’s nice to know someone makes a quality amp that doesnt cost a fortune! I wouldnt hesitate to recomend this amp to anyone looking for a quality product at a very good price!