This stereo is a decent player. It is clean sounding and powerful enough for my needs. The video plays decently but if you have a bright car with a lot of sun in the windows it may be hard to see. I have not yet hooked up a backup camera to it yet so i cannot speak for that but i am sure it will work just as good as the rest of the unit.

There are a couple of little things i have noticed with this stereo.

I have all my music stored on both usb and sd memory and i like to play my music on random however when turning off the system and turning back on it takes it off random. It’s not that big of a deal 1 button push will put it back to random.

The other thing is i wish there was a little more control on the unit at least a pause button most things i found i need to do with the remote like saving radio stations and pausing and even the mute button.
None of that is a dealbreaker for me i’ll get used to it

Overall i am happy i purchased this stereo for the price it is doing well and i would recommend it.