I think these are very decent speakers for the price. I bought them to replace the old blown speakers in the doors of my pickup. I really didn’t want to spend a lot for speakers and just wanted something that would last and sound decent enough to hear over road noise and the drone from the oversized tires I have on my truck. These SSL speakers with their 50Hz to 20KHz range seem to fit the bill. Installation was pretty straight forward and the sound quality for these speakers is quite good, especially when considering the price. The speakers themselves seem well made, with black painted frames and poly woofer cones along with butyl rubber surrounds instead of just foam. The black wire mesh grilles also seem nicely made, but I didn’t need them for my installation since the speakers were mounted behind the door panels. A bag of mounting screws and two rolls of thin gauge speaker wire with factory installed push on connecters was also included. Overall, I think these speakers were a good buy and the price for them here on Amazon was also very reasonable.