I purchased this unit and it was the first time I personally have had a dvd stereo but have had friends who love theirs. It was a very basic install but the deck sits into my dash on my ’96 Bronco a little far so if you “click” it into the provided sleeve it will touch the top of the dash pad before it raises completely up after it comes out. I had to use the provided removal tools to release the deck from the sleeve to pull it forward a little so it would clear but that defeats the purpose of security. I heard there is a way to install a spacer “behind” the sleeve that moves it forward a little but as of yet haven’t located one and will probably make my own. The unit works well but if you turn the key off the screen will completely go back into the unit and then return if you want to still listen to it. Meaning if you turn off the truck when you get home but turn the key back to accessory you have to wait for it to “slowly” shut down and turn back on and it does this with any interruption of power. I have mine hooked up to a camera so I can watch my front axle when off-road via a toggle switch, but when you flip the switch to access it the volume raises up 2-3 notches and depending on how loud you were already listening to it that is sometimes very loud. The volume knob adjusts “per click” so it sort of has little levels you can go through but not in between so once again if you have it turned up it may be a little quiet but the next click is too much. I would say as a first time purchaser of a DVD stereo I am basically pretty happy with the color and screen it could just be quicker. I have the two “rear” cables running to my glove-box so I can hook-up my I-pod or stick and leave it inside out of view which is nice, less clutter on the dash and prying eyes. The price was great, it doesn’t skip, and has good power. I bought some TS-A1674R Pioneer 6 1/2″ door speakers here too and will be buying some TS-D6802R Pioneer 6×8’s for the rears and one of the MRX-F30 Alpine 600 amps and a Pioneer TS-SWX251 12″ low profile sub to mount under the rear bench in the Bronco. The deck will power the speakers and the amp will power the sub and everything should sound great together! For the money I don’t think you could find a better deal on a DVD stereo with this quality especially if you are just entering the DVD market and are on a budget and want to piece a nice system together that will sound great but not rock the truck next to you or cost an arm and a leg……..