So far so good, still in the "breaking in" process so I haven’t had a chance to really push them. They seem light so i thought they would be cheap when i pulled them out of the box. But so far I’m impressed, i have them wired up to an Autotek MM1150.2. Pushing about 600 watts RMS to these guys and seem to be doing very well. For the price I don’t think you can go wrong… I wouldn’t say these are high end but I wanted something more than my stock sound without breaking the bank. Should anything change i will update.

UPDATE! Been 6 months since installing these and I have been beating these things. Good clean sound. Don’t think I have the gain passed half way and can feel the bass in my chest. I have them in a ported box . Only complaint is I don’t get DEEP bass… not sure if its the subs or because they are 10s. Also running these on a stock stereo. Hope this helps someone.

For all those who gave these a one star I would say check your wiring and ensure you have the correct OHMS.