This is a very nice yet affordable head unit.
I did not utilize the mounting brackets. My original on my radio lined right up. I simply swapped them out.
The instruction manual is brief and to the point. Very easy to follow and understand wiring, functions and settings.
I plan on adding a backup camera in the near future. This model is ideal as that is one of the options.
Saved a lot of headache by buying a connector kit for my make of vehicle. If I ever want to put the factory stereo back in and sell my truck I will not have to cut and splice more wires.
So far I have utilized the DVD player, CD player, Phone connection, Radio, and the USB input. Everything works great.
Install took me about 6 hours but some of that time was searching for the correct wires in my vehicle, sipping beers while watching the football game on my smartphone.
After I hooked up I paired my phone hoping to see the game on the screen. I did hear it through the speakers but no video.
The unit sends slightly more power to my speakers. When I cranked it I was worried my factory speakers were going to crack.
I’m sold. Now my commute to work will be a little more enjoyable.
Love the touchscreen. Very easy to navigate.
I do not foresee a need to utilize the remote.
Have never heard of SSL before this unit. I rank them right up there with the big names. Good quality product.