This equalizer was the perfect addition to my sound system. I had originally purchased the Cadence eq but the blue back light drove me crazy! The Cadence product was a seven band & I actually prefer the 4 band equalizer. 7 bands felt a little like overkill. The separate controls for the sub woofer is awesome giving you the ability to make instant adjustments depending on the type of music or quality of recording. The green back lighting is a perfect match with my dash lighting (2003 Kia Sorento) & I have a Kenwood X994 head unit that the color is adjustable so everything matches. My only gripe with the equalizer & it’s a small one is the picture shows that the markers on each dial is back lit & they’re not so you really can’t see the dials at night. The rca outputs are 7V so you can turn the gains down on your amps & your speakers & subs will still play loud & clear.The 1/2 din size makes installation pretty easy but keep your dremel nearby. Bottom line is that this is an inexpensive but significant upgrade to any aftermarket sound system.