I couldn’t be happier with the SSL 10.1B
I bought this unit 2 years ago and it is by far the best value of anything I have purchased for any of my vehicles.
To start off, there are two reasons you might want this large of a screen: 1. You like the idea of actually being able to see a movie while in your vehicle. 2. The WOW factor: we all want to showoff sometimes.
This head unit fulfills both reasons. No guest in my vehicle gets in without mentioning, "Wow!, that’s a large screen" also, I have watched quite a few movies on this screen (of course not while driving ;)… with one screen in my vehicle, even those in the back seat can see the screen without squinting.
Movies are very clear, however you may want to turn the backlight up very high in order to see the screen better during the day.

At times, the screen acts up and shows random "test-style" lines as if the screen has broken. This may happen around once a week. However this usually happens on really hot days. Take the screen off for a few minutes and let it cool down, re-attach it carefully and you’re ready to go. If this doesn’t work: wiggle the head unit very gently….. this worked for me once when it was very bad (semi-loose connection I guess).
The bluetooth is a little clunky sometimes. I listen to Pandora through it and run my Waze in tandem without many problems…. but Bluetooth sometimes does not automatically reconnect to my phone when I restart my car.
As a travelling salesperson, I spend a LOT of time in my car, so this unit is somewhat of a companion and I know all of the ins and outs of it.
If you want massive, crystal clear "bose-style" sound; this is not the unit for you. If you want on-screen navigation, not for you….