I’ve had this amp for 5 years now and it’s done me well. For the price it is an excellent amplifier. There are a lot of reviews on here criticizing this amp but I don’t believe any of them read the the specs before buying. You can’t write negative reviews because you bought the wrong thing. That being said. If you are looking for a competition amp, then this is not it. But don’t expect to buy one for this price either. If you are looking for to enhance your terrible factory system, this will HELP get the jog done. The amp can’t do it alone. You need to upgrade other components as well. This amp does supply clean power and is a great entry level amplifier. IT WILL NOT HANDLE A 2 OHM LOAD WHILE BRIDGE. Well it will but not at full power. READ THE SPECS BEFORE BUYING. This amp also has a very nice look similar to studio level audio equipment. I like that.