I purchased this unit to replace my broken Clarion CZ302. The bluetooth sound quality of this unit has is right on par with my previous stereo. The software also allows you to change the song (but there is a lag so you will miss 2-3 seconds of the song when it starts). This amp inside can really push the speakers. Be careful though, the back of the unit gets extremely hot. I would make sure the wires in the back are far away from the heat sinks.

Cons –

The stereo decides when to broadcast your phone calls through the stereo. I will answer the call as phone speaker only but the stereo will broadcast it within three minutes of the conversation. It will also glitch sometimes and not end the call. This means the stereo is still tracking the call duration and no music is playing. I found how to combat this is to eject the front part of the deck and pop it back in. No ID3 recognition. When the music plays, it just says A2DP.

Pro –

Great sound quality. I was extremely impressed with the range. The stereo actually starts to play the music where is left off once it connects to the bluetooth (my Clarion didn’t even do that). Face plate was designed nicely. It has the upscale look without the price tag. The LED is also visible during daylight. It has a remote wire for an amp (labeled antenna wire but it works when bluetooth is enabled)

Overall –

At a less than $40 price point, this device was worth the money. It does have its flaws but I was not expecting perfection.