This is a fairly powerful little speaker setup with a small footprint amp that goes on bikes, atvs etc. It is meant to blast out lots of treble to compete with the air and engine for your listening while riding.

Set comes with 4 speakers, one amp (1000w max), handle bar brackets, and some wiring.

Firstly, the speakers are quite heavy and feel like good quality. These are weatherproof and are meant to work, and stay working, even in the rain. What these won’t resist against is a soaking. Don’t let them soak in any water (needless to say). The outer wire shell is made of metal.

The amp is small (~3" length) and is able to be mounted to various places on your bike. I set it up on the inner rim of the front flair.

Wiring is simple and straightforward. They all wire to the amp, just place the speakers in an appropriate place and organize the wiring as best as you can to keep it nice and organized. I would suggest have a pair of wire cutters on hand so you can adjust the wire cover should you need to extend it out a bit (when running to/around your battery terminal, for example).

This does come with a remote that is hard wired to the amp. Simply leave it hanging somewhere, or in a front pouch and you can use this to adjust the volume.

There are two ways I used to connect music here. My preferred method is AUX in, because there is no ‘downsampling’ to the music. Moreover, with AUX in, you can listen to any music format you want (.FLAC, for example). However, bluetooth was easy to connect to and worked fine with iPhone+Pandora. You see the device, once the bike is on, and you connect to it. Simple and easy.

All this being said, the main point of these speakers is volume and clarity. Well…this it does have….