I haven’t had any issues with the S7EQ that I purchased and installed myself. I have only been using it to control my subwoofer so far though. I am going to install my second EV2.1000 amplifier tonight to power my Boss Audio OHC62CS component system that I just received and will use the pre-amp outputs for the front sound stage. I haven’t heard any extra noise from my subwoofer thus far.Cons:Does not use a harness to connect the wiresDoes not allow separate left and right controlHas a wire to connect to “Source Ground” as well as a regular ground wire for some reason (Source ground is actually the same thing as a regular ground)Has a control for 3k Hz instead of one for 2.5k HzNo option to disable, change, or reduce illumination”Graphic” part of the equalizer isn’t accurate at allI am looking for a second EQ so that I can split up the left and right side of the car. In hindsight, it would have been easier and cheaper to just buy a 50 dollar Kicker or Clarion model. In fact, I may just do that.