Ok so for starters, this amp is not 4000 watts. But with that said, this is definitely worth the $130… I bought this roughly a month ago and I’ve been slapping my 3 kicker CVR 12’s since day one. I have everything wired on true 4 gauge with a 3500watt capasitor at 2 ohms, and I could obliterate these subs with ease with this amp. I’ve ran the system for like 3 hours of pure pounding and the amp doesn’t heat up or bitch out. With this set up crammed in my 05 ranger I can absolutely blow the competition out of the water. I haven’t heard much about sound storm laboratories and given the fact that its insanely cheap I assumed it would be another generic cheapo pile, but this product has done work to prove itself. It isn’t the top of the line, but if you want raw power for a little less buck then this is the way to go.