Sadly, like other reviews here have noted, i too found that this item needs professional installation. It has no easy adapter for power from a cigarette lighter, so that you actually have to have this wired into your vehicle by a professional. There is a naked ground wire, a naked 12v wire w/ attached fuse, and 3 in and 3 out av plugs. There are no adequate instructions in the manual in order for a lay person to attach this to your car power (battery). I also tried you-tube videos and consider myself fairly handy, and can get through the logistics of removing the headrest, removing the panel on the back of the seat and threading the wires through… but, i’m not confident in my ability to adequately connect the power source (i also happen to have an electric vehicle), so….i’m not going to do this myself, for risk of damaging my vehicle with my fussing around. I believe there needs to be better notification that this cannot be done by a lay individual.

I have attached pictures of the wiring provided, as well as the device and accessories and remote control, for those inclined to purchase this item.