Update Dec 2014: We sold this along with our van about 9 months ago. At that time it was still working perfectly after 3+ years use. Simple device and worked as needed.End Update.We have been using this for about 1 month now in our van to complement the old VHS system. The unit came with a surprising number of cables to fit different purposes for installation. Nothing else was needed to complete the install, for my application. The remote sensor for the remote control is a particularly nice feature so that the unit can be enclosed within the audio/video compartment in the van but the remote will still work since it has as direct line of site to the remote sensor. Comparitively, the remote for the old VHS unit that this DVD player complements requires the cabinet door to be open for the line of site.In my A/V cabinet I do not have access to the constant 12v that is needed for a complete install so wired the constant 12v to the accessory 12v. Since this power shuts off when the vehicle shuts off I thought we would lose the position of the movie but this does not happen. Even completely cutoff from power the unit recalls the play position.Maybe all of this is normal and obvious to someone exeperienced with this type of installation. In that case my observation is that this lowest price unit (at the time I ordered it) has all of this as you would expect. That is still worthy of a nice review. A local car audio shop quoted $350 to install a similar unit in my van – this unit for 20% of that price was certainly a better bargain.Extra note regarding use – Unlike home DVD units this mobile unit has it’s own volume control. At first this was turned to mid-level which meant that when the tv was at full volume it was only 50%. I was disappointed that the volume was too low for proper audio while driving. Realizing a separate volume existed and moving this up to 100% cured the problem. I am not sure why the DVD has a volume level control but it helps to know!