I put mine in a 2012 Honda Odyssey.
The headrest (DVD model) is about twice as thick as the standard headrest, which is slightly awkward for the person in the seat.
The system doesn’t come with a cigarette adapter, which is kind of weird. Rather than wire it in directly, I bought a 12v adapter for under five bucks and wired it to that so I could easily plug/unplug it at will and swap between my vehicle and my wife’s.
The screen quality is good enough. The opening of the compartment for the DVD is odd, it doesn’t just pop out most times. We didn’t experience any skipping or read problems, though I suspect that’s probably more a factor of shocks and road conditions.
The remote control is garbage. I’m not sure why they designed the battery housing like they did, but it slides in the bottom and doesn’t fit tightly, therefore it doesn’t make good contact with the leads. We’ve had to squeeze the bottom every time we use it to make sure the battery makes contact. Sadly the on-headrest navigation controls aren’t as easy/extensive as the remote, so it really helps to have a working remote.
Otherwise the electronics are good, it serves its purpose well – providing entertainment for the little ones who aren’t quite able to use a tablet yet.