SSL is a good company from L.A. I effortlessly installed this head unit into my 99′ Honda Accord in about 30-40 minutes. I was glad that I didn’t have to spend anymore money on an installation kit. The unit is very powerful with a set of (2) 6″ + (2) 6×9″ 4-way Sony Xplod speakers. I love the SD card feature, so I don’t have to fumble with Cd’s or my ipod, but I still like the CD/USB options being there in case I need to sell the car. Obviously I went cheap on the speakers, but I got all 4 of them for around $30 from a Target store clearance. All in all, I completely upgraded my audio system for around $85. For the price, I can’t complain too much, Hence the 5 star rating. A perfect HU for the mid-range audio system.Pros:1) Powerful internal amp and clear sound. (with my setup)2) All-in-one digital audio platform (SD/USB/CD)3) Nice gloss black appearance, blue lighting and LCD screen.4) Price5) Simple to useCons:1) Buttons are stiff and a little cheaply made.2) Audio settings are limited to the normal: bass,treble, fader, balance and LOUD. (Some HU’s have fancy options like Mid and SLA)3) Clock does not stay on, instead it has a button to push to display time for 5 seconds.