I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on SSL amps and am at a total loss for why people would give them negative reviews.I’ve been using this amp every day since I installed it 2 weeks ago and have absolutely no issues with it.I’m running a single 15″ 600W subwoofer with this amp and a CHEAP wiring kit I bought at a discount store. Not only is the sound amazing but it has serious kick to it. I’m 100% a music snob and enjoy every moment of audio coming through this amp.Of course you are buying an amp that is a fraction of the cost of some other 600W amps so it might not be the BEST, but for this price I can’t imagine a better product. It looks sleak, has a bunch of useful knobs and switches, and is easy to install.If you pair your amplifier and speakers properly, install the wiring correctly, and finish the rest of your homework, this product should be more than satisfactory. (As with ANY amplifier: Don’t mount your amp to your subs or you can shake components loose. Don’t run power and audio wires next to each other or you’ll get interference. Allow proper ventilation to avoid overheating. Etc). Read the instructions and you can’t go wrong; this will be the best money you spend on your audio system.