I have owned this for about 4 months now and its a pretty good touch screen radio. For the price. It does have a lot of features. A lot of people complain about the boot up time. But what i recently figured out is that its just an animation when you turn it on. NOT A BOOTING SCREEN. When you start this radio up you can either wait for the animation to end OR! just tap the screen and it will go right on ahead with the radio. I have not tried to hook up an rear view camera and hated to see the blue screen with blinking words. So fixing that was just a matter of grounding the wire that is labeled (Parking Brake Ground Wire). That gets rid of the white blinking words but when you just have audio running through AUX input you will still have a blue screen. I have not tried to play any DVDs or CDs because 1. i dont need to watch a movie while im driving. and 2. CDs are a thing of the past. Anyways in all this is a pretty good system. You can take a look at my unboxing and quick look at youtube.com My username is 333SkateOrDie333 and look for DD888 ssl review. That will give you a look at it. And i will have a detailed video up soon. Hope you like it and buy it. If could i would buy it again!