This is the first double-din I have bought so I do not have much experience in dealing with these. However, I got it for $180 and its a decent deal. The picture quality for the DVD part is great, no complaints there. The part I dont like is that the menu on the actual radio sucks, the graphics arent that great, and they have options such as TV and CDC that are shown but when you click them it says not supported. My thing is if its not supported, then why the hell are they there to begin with you know? I have not used the USB/Card part of the radio yet but I’m sure it works just fine. If you are looking for a decent touch screen radio for cheapo bucks then I’m sure you’d be cool with this one. However in hindsight I would just shovel out the extra 100-200 bucks and bought a better one but I already have it installed and I dont feel like taking it out of the car. I did hook up a backup camera to the car as well but I’m not sure if I did it right, I had to hook it up into the “AUX” input on the back of the radio and not the actual Camera input to make it work. Got any questions about the product just hit me up, this radio has only been out for a month so not many people have them.