This unit has a nice set of media options: Bluetooth, SD, USB, CD, DVD, AM, FM, and more. I’m satisfied with the picture quality, and audio performance. I noticed an improvement in radio reception, hearing stations I hadn’t picked up with my basic OEM radio. The DVD player is a fun addition. I’m not sure if I will use it much, but it’s there.Installing this in my 2006 Ford Mustang went well. It was my first time installing a car radio, and it was fairly painless. For other noobs like me, be sure to get a wiring harness and an install kit (for proper mounting). Pairing my phone was very simple, and the Bluetooth music streaming works well.I successfully hooked up a backup camera to the unit, however I’m just using the aux video connection instead of the dedicated backup camera input. If you setup the backup camera input correctly, the display will switch to the camera when you are in reverse.The quality of the front panel leaves a little to be desired, but it is understandable for the price. It’s plasticky, but not awful. Be careful with the screen, it seems to scratch easily. Somehow mine was scratched during install. Removing and replacing the front panel makes me a little nervous. It works, but I’m skeptical about the life of the plastic connectors (see update at bottom).The graphical user interface could use improvement. It’s not very sexy, or intuitive in some cases, but for the most part it displays the information you need. My biggest grip with the user interface in general is probably the source switching. You have to flip through the various sources to get where you want, instead of a dedicated option, even with the remote (unless I am missing something). It’s not a huge deal, just an inconvenience. The controls in general whether via the face or the remote are more confusing than they should be. The remote can do a lot, I prefer using it over the buttons on the face.Customization is lacking. The front led color can’t be changed, and I don’t believe a background image can be set on the display. The display’s background color options are pretty limited.The manual is adequate, but it could use translation improvements (to English) in some places. More detailed descriptions of functions would be appreciated.In summary, it’s not the sexiest piece, but it offers a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.UPDATE: After some more time with the radio I’m no longer concerned about the faceplate connectors. The mounts on the face are plastic, but on the radio side they are metal. I’ve dismounted and re-mounted the face numerous times, and am OK with the design.