If you’re anything like me, you were looking for a new receiver you could install that had bluetooth and was cheap. I bought this for a 2003 Toyota Corolla with 230k miles on it. My original stereo finally puked out and I found myself hating listening to the radio. I began looking for a cheap replacement. I am classically a Pioneer stereo guy, but really couldn’t justify spending over $100 for a stereo in my beater vehicle. Thus I began my search and eventually ended up purchasing this unit. Here are my reasons for buying this deck as apposed to the Pyle PLR27MPBU or the Boss UAB models:

1.) The Pyle model appears to be similarly constructed, however I have read that customer service is near zero. The few things I could find about Soundstorm stated that they were happy to help customers with questions.
2.) A little more digging into Soundstorms history seems to show that it is a sister company to Boss Audio. I have had decent success with Boss in the past and counted this as a plus. The only reason I chose this over the Boss model was to give this company a chance to prove itself. I believe that it has.

I ordered this stereo and it was received at my door 2 days later. I took the pieces and parts out of the box to ensure all was as it should be. The receiver itself is quite small. It fits standard single DIN holes, but since there is no CD player, the depth of the unit is very shallow. There aren’t a whole lot of connections as could be expected from a budget model receiver. Typical connections are available however; antenna, subs, and wiring harness. This fits my application just fine….