Okay, so I ordered this for my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R thinking that a 3 inch speaker wasn’t really that big. Damn, was I wrong. Well, when I finally found a perfect spot for it I decided to test it first to see if I was going to like where I was going to install it. Nothing. The amp came on but no sound came out of the speakers. But even more than that the length of wires provided were not long enough to reach from the front of the bike to the back of the bike (where i was going to install the amp). I called the company and asked if they would be able to provide an extension cable between the amp and the speakers and they could not. Not a big deal, but I was disappointed to hear I would have to cut the speaker wires in order to extend them to the length I needed. Seems like an optional accessory you should be able to purchase. Now, onto the item itself. I loved they way it looked. It was packed well and seemed very well built. I hated to return it but I was unable to use a device that was not working, right? I am sure I would have found a way to use it if it was in working condition. And the remote control was especially cool. All-in-all, I would definitely buy this again for a bike like a cruiser or road bike. But this is certainly not for sport bikes.