I agree this is a good little single channel amp.. i personally usually always do a dual channel, but i am reviewing this for what it is.
1500w, intended for a single sub… its larger than some other comprable amps out there but its not that big of a deal (maybe 15% larger). This would only impact you if install was in a small car, compartment, or truck. PLEASE help your self and:
USE 8 GUAGE WIRE, and get at least a 2 FARAD CAPACITOR (just google how to hook it up, it just needs extra wire and connectors. what a CAP does is basically "store" juice from the battery, in line to the amp… so when you have hits that require a higher power draw that extra power thats needed is right there at the CAP. Understand?). It REALLY cleans up your power supply, thus giving more efficient ample power on demand.
I been doing systems in my and others cars since 2000.. Im positive a cap will help you lol.
Also you wanna get a good inline fuse between the amp and the battery. Something happens and itll fry that fuse vs frying the amp. ;0)

Use it. Love it. Enjoy!