I never had a stereo that had screen in it so yeah.Pros: Has a cable coming from the back for an Iphone/ any apple hook up. charges your device. im putting that because i read some doesnt. Has a cable coming from the back for a USB. Has a remote. You can balance speaker to you liking. Has a bunch of other connection other than the normal wires needed for a stereo hook up, like rear cam. video in and out (yellow cable) 4 RCA hook ups for speakers, sub hook up. Has a front Mini front usb and AUX hook up. Has mini SD card reader ( i never use it yet). screen can tilt, and the button is on dash. Dvd player that remember the last spot you was at even if power was completely disconnected. wires were already ready for splicing (which i wouldn’t do) or male and female connectors. screen has a good picture. it sound better than my last stereo. can play movies while drivingcons. when playing the ipod u can’t go back to the main menu without the music stopping. when you start up the stereo again it doesnt play from the last spot. i only tried one but it doesnt read a external hard drive. if connect audio to the audio in (red and white RCA) u will get a little static when connected to AUX and your rev you engine. its small though. only have 5 background to chose from.Over all i recommend this stereo people that doesnt care about “name brand”. it must be a good sign if i pick this over other radio that had reviews when this had none.