I bought this stereo to replace my Pyle which was similar to this one. I already had other SSL products which this stereo completed. I have a 2000 watts 4 channel amplifier for my mids and a 2600 watts mono block amplifier for my bass. Putting all these components together sounds great. The Pyle stereo which was replaced was a very good buy but one unique feature with this stereo and the Pyle is that the SSL stereo sounds real good on the default settings, while the Pyle has to set up all the main features to get the best quality sound. This stereo may not however sound good without a setup like mine or better because it’s wattage per channel is low compared to most top brass stereos. One feature I loved on the Pyle is missing on this stereo. When listening music from my USB or SD card, I usually see the name of the song(s) moving across the screen. With this stereo you only get the song time counting out. Other than this I give this stereo a passing grade!