At first I was skeptical, buying a cheap radio with no reviews. But I know the brand and they get a good rep, so I decided to give this thing a try. It is a pretty decent radio, the faceplate is almost over-sized but the interface is pretty easy to understand. It plays dvd’s pretty good and the bluetooth (my main concern) works pretty good, though sometimes you have to turn the radio off and back on to get it to pair. My only con is that the settings aren’t that extensive. You get only the basics as far as audio settings go: bass, treble, sub on/off. No mids or frequency settings. But even without these settings, the radio sounds great. Would recommend to anyone seeking a cheaply priced radio with bluetooth, dvd playback (has an output for monitors), and backup camera support. If you just want bluetooth with lots of audio settings, go with the JVC… I had one before this one just didn’t have bluetooth and it was awesome.