Great quality cheap car stereo.
I bought bluetooth version and it works great, sound is clear, not excellent but clear enough.. anyway this is not a hundred plus dollars car stereo..
Some remarks: It is built on a YD7377 power amplifier, so it really handles maximun 6 watts RMS (Real voltage versus current wattage) per channel, anyway this is enough sound if you just want the music for yourself and not pedestrians.
It also got hot enough, it stands a maximum 85 celsius degrees but the colder it works, the longer it will live, so i added an extra temperature dissipator.
I’ve noticed bluetooth once stopped working and it was because i realized cell phone bluetooth must be disconnected prior turning off your car… When this happened it paired correctly, but no music came out so the car’s battery should be disconnected, and that way this stereo resets and bluetooth worked fine again.
So despite these little flaws, it still works great for me, if i had to buy it again, then im sure ill do it.