After my old amp fried after 8 years of abuse, I sorely needed a replacement but did not want to spend a lot on car audio. I guess that’s a sign of growing up? I’ve never heard of SSL before but I figured I would give them a chance. Installation was easy considering how small this unit is. While it didn’t quite have the same kick as my old 1000w Kenwood amp, it can still rattle the windows without breaking the bank.Don’t try to use this to power heavy subwoofers; that’s a job for a mono- or two-channel amp. This is for powering the rest of the speakers in your car. You can get an 4-channel amp that will power a sub well, but not for even close to this price point.My only complaint is that the finish on this product does not seem to like sunlight. I have it installed in a hatchback on the back of the seat and rarely have it covered. As such, the fade has deteriorated and is no longer black, but turning bronze. Again, I don’t really care as it still functions.