This thing is tiny, Imagine a 2 inch thick CD case. Gets the job done I use it to power a Pioneer TS-SW841D 8 In. Shallow-Mount Sub-woofer which it does sufficiently doesn’t overheat or turn off, for 30 bucks I am very impressed… If it last a couple years I will be thrilled with it.

Has hi and low inputs, I really don’t even know if I would recommend buying an amp working kit… Its a 5 amp fuse on the amp so I would just goto the parts store get a set of RCA cables, inline fuse holder, and some 12 gauge wire… The amp doesn’t have the typical screw post power connections it has a small pigtail harness with 12 gauge wires at the largest so anything more would be overkill.

I’ve had it installed a week or two no problems at all even pushing the thing it never has a “thermal overload” power turn off like most cheap amps I’ve owned. If you are just trying to power a single lower end 8 or 10 inch sub give this a shot.