I bought this amp shortly after upgrading my 6.5″s and my rear 6x9s and I read that while my sound was a good amount better than stock,to get the best out of aftermarket speakers you NEED an amp. So I looked for a fair priced solid RMS watt amp and this came up and I paid $60 or so and I’d pay it again. Installation went simple enough and when I got it dialed in using the instructions it sounded TONS better. Now my friends have asked me several times if I had subs and they’re just 6x9s. And the highs are just as crisp, I can get great sound loud enough for I would think most anyone. While it won’t make normal speakers get that heart vibrating bass it gave me a REALLY nice balanced sound. While my friend had stubs and yeaah bass is cool his regular speakers were clipping and sounded pretty bad. This 4 channel amp gave me all I neededfor my car audio needs. I highly recommend giving it a shot, eventually I’m buying another for my other car!Only very small complaint is the fixed crossovers but for the front it did wonders to balance out putting too much bass through the small 6.5s