I bought this amp to power two extra speakers in my GMC Sonoma. I wasn’t looking to power any huge subs so I didn’t need all the power the more expensive amps offer. If you buy a cheap amp installation kit like I did it is very easy to install. The hardest part was running the main power wire. I found the stock hole for the radio antenna wire and was easily able to push the new amp power wire through the same hole/grommet. Once the amp was all wired up I was getting a slight buzzing/humming sound while the motor was running (not the amps fault). I found that by running a new ground to the stereo head unit helped but didnt eliminate noise. I tried several other tricks but ended up buying a ground loop isolator. Now the sound is crystal clear even at very high volume. This amp is perfect for my needs and I am very happy with it. I really like how small this unit is too. I don’t have much room in my truck for an amp. This one is smaller than most making it easy to tuck behind my seat.