my $300 motorized touchscreen went out on my truck, had navi, aux, bluetooth the works, but hardly used all that stuff, just wanted something to listen to music on the road with bluetooth or aux cord. so bought this as an in between while i decide what to buy next. spent the extra 4 bucks and got the bluetooth version. have had it for a year and it worked great at first, sound was decent, go too loud though and would distort and sound like crap. but it did the job for me, comes with remote, would pair my phone and control the volume and music playback with the remote. its a very small radio and very easy to install if youve installed radios before. however a few months back no matter which phone i tried the bluetooth stopped working for music, would only work for phone calls, i uninstalled the radio and reinstalled it, same issue, the radio looks very nice in the truck especially at night,the words for aux and fm look wierd though because of the small display, and 2 months ago the sound went out on the front speakers, changed the fuses, tried speakers with other radio and they worked, the issue lies with the unit itself, heres my dilemma do i buy another 100 dollar and up radio and go high tech again? nope gonna just order another $24 one of these and hope for the best. its not for everyone but for what i used it for it dide the trick, even if i have to spend $24 a year getting a new one each year so be it, ive been over all happy with it.