Wanted IR headphones to replace my broken in-house IR set I use to watch TV / DVD. Two headphones and a transmitter is quite a deal for this price. While these headphones are not extremelystudy, they are not flimsy either. Anyone older than 25 will be able to make these headphones last for many years. Put the batteries in and turned the headphones on and they worked fine with my existing in house system. However, I ordered a 12 volt DC / 1 amp power supply (extra $5.79) with this order so I could run the IR transmitter in house. I had to cut the end off the power supply and twist some wires together, but everything works fine. The IR transmitter just has a positive and negative wire that have to connected to the power supply. I tested the length of how far the IR transmitter was effective — I had clear sound at 32 feet away, might be able to get more distance, but I ran out of room. The instruction manual states 6 feet distance, but I am guessing that is because it was designed for a car and 6 foot is all you need in a car. My actual experience is far beyond that 6 foot specification. The sound quality is good to me, actually better then the IR headphones they are replacing.