I have been into car audio since the 1980s.

Ran across this unit which specified it had a variable subwoofer xover from 30Hz to 250Hz. The reviews were good so thought I’d try it out. The xover on this unit works great!! for this price.

I’ve used a few crossovers in the past and this one I like very much.

As far as the equalizer I cannot comment, since I have not used it, but the pots/controls on this unit are tight and seem to be pretty good quality. I do know that the equalizer controls do Not seem to effect the subwoofer output, so probably only effects the front and rear outputs on this thing.

The subwoofer gain and the master volume gain work great as well.

The unit looks nice too. Plexiglass top looks cool.

Was thinking to purchase an extra one for backup. It’s hard to find good equipment, especially when stuff that you like gets discontinued.

They say you get what you pay for, but I think you get a little more than you pay for with this unit.