I was hesitant to buy this amp when a friend told me not to waste my money on junk but boy was he wrong, this thing puts out more clean sound than his “top of the line $400 big money amp”. We hooked this bad boy up to one 10″ Pyle PL1090BL 1000 watt DVC sub(wired parallel @ 2ohms), turned it on and our chins dropped(gain was barely up). This amp puts out some sound and after several hours of some pretty harsh abuse it was just barely warm and ready for more. This amp is a hungry workhorse, so I’m planning on ordering another 10″ sub and running it at 1 ohm. To be honest I wasn’t expecting the results I got but WOW am I pleasantly surprised.The remote level control is a great feature too especially if you have kids(or if you see the popo.) Please people, don’t blow your kids ear drums out. 😉